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Gain Visibility

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Our award-winning platform helps organizations better manage the evolving digital expectations of customers and partners making it easier to connect to thousands of channel prospects worldwide. 

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Power of the BlueVolt Network!

Build Brand Awareness and Partnerships

Convert partner networks into brand ambassadors. Educate your targeted audience to make better sales recommendations to buyers and end-users.

? People sell what they know — Let them know your brand by sharing more content.

? People sell what they trust — Promote your sales training to build belief in your brand.


Sell More By Learning More

By partnering with BlueVolt, gain access to product training from manufacturers. Increase sales and customer satisfaction rates with targeted product knowledge.

? More eLearning creates brand champions — Become the go-to product resource for every customer.

? Reduce turnover with better training — Use strategic course enrollments to develop your people and meet sales goals.



Get Instant Knowledge from the Source

Harness BlueVolt's vast network and extensive capabilities today.

? Right info at the right time — Get eLearning that supports your business goals and sales KPIs.

? High-quality learning equals high-quality sales — Stop wasting time and start using high-end training assets made by the industry leaders you trust.


The BlueVolt Sharing Center —
Get Ready to Launch, Learn & Sell

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Grow with BlueVolt and Find Where You Fit in the Network



Grow brand loyalty through product knowledge.
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Fuel your sales by training your associates to be product experts.
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Build customer trust with knowledgeable sales associates.
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Provide value to members through product training and fostering network relationships.
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Single point to manage your compliance and safety while providing continuing education to your skilled tradespeople. 
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Buying Groups

Connect your members to your suppliers more easily and access all trainings in one location.
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Channels Reinvented!

Leverage the power of the BlueVolt's collaboration, distribution, and information network. Drive engagement and increase sales.


“We use the entire BlueVolt system for our messaging. It has the ability for us to market and the platform and network allows us to really let our brand shine.”

Jill Cherveny


“BlueVolt’s innovative platform has allowed us to respond quickly and engage learners where they are. Our learner reach has increased by over 11,000 in only two weeks!”

Jess Milligan
Milwaukee Tool